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Become A Referee

A new season of Ball Hockey is quickly approaching and there is a requirement that all officials must be registered and certified in order to referee in any OBHF sanctioned league.

Referee training is starting and if you want to officiate this season, now is the time to register and attend a clinic in your area. For information and registration please click here.

Officiating ball hockey is a great way to stay in touch with the game, get some exercise and earn a bit of money.

Ice Hockey Goalie Incentives

Goaltenders require abilities such as physical strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, as well as the command of technique, systems and strategies. Many years of practice and training go into becoming a goaltender to enhance the level of individual performance.

Year after year ball hockey leagues across the country continue to have many parents upset when scores run high. In most cases one team may be equipped with an experienced ice hockey goalie while other teams are just rotating through their roster on a weekly basis just to get by.

As a league our main priority is for the children to have fun, however we do understand that sometimes when a team is not equipped with a proper goalie it may get frustrating for everyone at times.

This year we will be offering an incentive to all ice hockey goalies tyke through atom registering with the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues.

Families registering their children as a goalie must do so online (Innisfil, Barrie, Bradford or Georgina) but must also fill out our goalie application form which gives us a little more information on goalie background.

Once we confirm that your child has been playing on a team as a full time goalie the league will refund $85 back to the family as we get closer to our Championship weekend in late June.

2015 Team Rosters

Welcome to the 2015 spring season.

We are excited to get the season started but before we do we like to remind you of what to expect on opening day and what parents can do to make things run smoothly.

Within the next couple of days a coach will contact you with information regarding your child’s team. If your team does not have an assigned coach a league representative will contact you with further information. If you do decide to coach one of these teams please contact us ASAP. 

We recommend that everyone try to arrive at least half hour early so that kids can pick up uniforms and go through some basic playing rules with the coaches.

Please make sure that all players are in full equipment. This includes a helmet with full facial cage, hockey gloves, soccer shin guards, hockey stick with no plastic blade and running shoes. If any of these items are missing you child will not be allowed to step on the playing surface.

While the coach and players get to know each other we ask that you kindly write your child’s name on the back his helmet using a piece of masking tape and black marker.

If you should ever arrive to a game and it has already begun please make sure you check in with our timekeeper.

The league will supply warm up and game balls. These are to remain at the rink and not to take home.

Our goal is to keep friends playing with friends but our biggest priority is to maintain a balanced level of play.

If we need, we will rebalance teams between your third and forth game.

Lets have a great season!!!

Squirt - Red Squirt - Yellow Squirt - Green Squirt - Blue
A. McLeish C. Campsall A. Hall B. Blyth
G. Clayton C. Harlow A. McTaggart B. Thompson
H. Swanston G. Barnes B. Fraser H. Laderoute
J. Kennedy H. Greenhalgh C. Crawford J. Laderoute
K. Norris J. Lesnicki C. Munro L. McKay
M. Adams J. Mitchell J. Varela L. Alexander
M. Pickett K. Ford K. Trapp L. Vickers
M. Hekkenberg O. Matte P. Bailey M. Chapler
T. Hulan R. Mounstephen R. Cooke N. Patterson
W. Besley S. Muegge R. Stanley R. Larter
Tyke - Red Wings Tyke - Blackhawks Tyke - Rangers Tyke - Bruins
coach - Joe Johnson coach - Ashley Beausoleil coach - Troy Fizzard coach - Mike Dunlop
A. Johnson A. Hunter A. Kutchcoskie B. Patchell
A. Larter D. Muegge B. Fizzard-Cozens B. Dodgson
C. Orr D. Rose-Hamilton C. Kernohan D. Simon
E. Capling D. Hay C. Mutchler D. Mills
E. Thorne H. Embree C. Porter E. Corriveau
L. Cambell J. Morrison C. Morris G. Dunlop
T. Moore J. Salnek E. Cane J. Elliott
T. Barron K. Doyle E. Mutchler O. Latford
T. Cederwall L. Beausoleil J. McArthur R. Cooper
W. Muszynski N. Connelly J. Quigley S. Shepherd-Schewell
Z. Hussey R. Harlow N. Elrick S. Wessenger
      T. McDonald
Novive - Kings Novice - Sharks Novice - Ducks Novice - Predators
coach - Brad Humphris coach - Harry & Jesse Haverlock coach - Jeff Adams coach - NO COACH
B. Lloyd C. Dunlop A. Hancock A. Corriveau
B. Thompson C. Vickers A. Chandler A. Karamanis
E. Neller C. Bogoros C. Hooper A. Thompson
J. Bishop D. MacMillan C. McArthur A. Drake
J. Monks E. Henderson G. Fenik B. Kelly
J. Garrett J. Stratton J. Shepherd-Schwell B. Rutledge
J. Hekkenberg J. Haverlock J. Cederwall E. Yousif
K. Cambridge J. Macfie J. Adams J. Murduff
K. Osmond-McColligan J. Stone L. North L. Cane
L. Humphris M. Webber L. Simpson M. Karasmanis
N. Boate N. Melo N. Anderson M. Fraser
W. Boate R. Neto R. Tracy W. Spiewak
      Z. Chapler
Atom/Peewee - Flames Atom/Peewee - Nordiques Atom/Peewee - North Stars Atom/Peewee - Whalers
coach - Mike Shaw coach - Joe Johnson coach - Stu Saucier coach - Justin Arscott
A. Lewis A. Sheehan A. Desforges A. Johnston
B. Drake A. Baceda A. Howard A. Arscott
C. Shaw B. Barney A. Melo C. Green
D. Shaw G. Penny B. Saucier C. Craig
E. Barber J. Johnson B. Kloosterman C. Mason
E. Dellamattia L. Collingbourne B. MacNeil E. Junkins
J. Hardwick M. Fletcher B. Abbott H. Blinn
J. Hardwick M. Raposo D. Laframboise J. Nadeau
J. Louisseize N. Fumo G. Wilson L. Kilgour
L. Turano N. Bruno J. Howell M. Kida
L. Gilchrist R. Bruce J. Bennett P. Arscott
P. Lewis S. Sykora J. Jenkins S. Skrypnychuk
R. Damm T. Barron L. Ackerman T. Deschenes
R. Campbell W. Velema N. Kloosterman V. Robbenhaar
T. Lavallee   Q. Boileau Z. Smith

2015 Spring Season Info

The Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League has now opened its online registration for the 2015 spring season.

In-person registration dates will become available once the dates have been confirmed.  More info in regards to this will be made available on our website shortly.

You currently have two options when registering online.

Option 1 allows you to fill the form and use the pay later option.  This will save your spot for a maximum of 14 days. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to remit payment.

Option 2 allows you to register and guarantee your spot by submitting payment using a credit card. We currently use PayPal for this option, and in the process of registering you may be asked to create a PayPal account. Please note that this is not required to proceed to the check out.

Our days of play will remain the same as last year.

  • Squirt (2009-2010) Tuesday at 6:00pm
  • Tyke (2007-2008) Thursday at 6:00pm or 6:50pm
  • Novice (2005-2006) Tuesday at 7:00 or 7:50pm
  • Atom (2003-2004) Thursday 7:40pm or 8:30pm
  • Peewee (2001-2002) Thursday nights (if double pad available)
  • Bantam (1999-2000) Tuesday nights (if double pad is available)

We plan to play most of our games out of the East Bayfield Community Centre but if floor time is available we will try to schedule a few games at Holly. (Maximum 2)

The season will begin on the mid April and run until the end of June

All players are required to have the following equipment:

  • Helmet with full facial cage
  • Hockey gloves
  • Soccer or ball hockey shin guards
  • Hockey stick with no plastic blade (wood or composite are ok)
  • Running shoes

The league is also looking for young officials and timekeepers.

All referees will have to attend a half-day OBHA certification clinic. These dates should be available in about one month. Timekeepers will be trained at the rink by one of our staff members or volunteers.

We also accept students looking to receive their high school community hours.

Lastly, the league is looking for your assistance is seeking sponsorships. If you know anyone that may be interested, please have him or her contact the league directly.

2014 Team Photos

The Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League would like to thank Terence Scarnicchia for his hard work getting the kids organized for their team and individual pictures.

We dedicated a website for high-resolution team and individual pictures for you to download at no cost. A username and password was sent out in early July to access these photos. If you did not receive it send us and email and we will gladly forward the information to you.

Picture Day this year delayed our games slightly because of last minute arrivals and retakes. Moving forward, next year we have dedicated a day just for pictures very similar to how Barrie Soccer and other local sports in town do it.

2014 Rosters & Info

The Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League is set to start on April 22nd. All games will be played at East Bayfield either Tuesday or Thursday nights depending on the division. We will conclude the season with our DAY OF CHAMPIONS on Saturday June 28.

Coaches should be contacting you shortly. If you haven't received a call or email by Sunday April 20, please give us a call.
Please make sure you check your JUNK or SPAM mail folders before you do.

Our volunteers worked hard to try and accommodate your requests while making the teams. No further changes will be made.

You will be asked by the coach to arrive earlier on your first game. This is so that you can pick up your uniform and get to know the team before we begin.
Please make sure all that all players are properly equipped with a Helmet (full facial protection), Hockey Gloves, Soccer Shin Guards, Running Shoes, and a Hockey Stick with NO plastic blade. A failure to have any of this equipment and a referee will tell your child to step up off the floor until all requirements are met.

All players are to check in with the convener upon arrive so that we can have the players signed in on the game sheet. If you arrive late please let the timekeeper know your child's name and number along with the team they are on.

We will provide warm up balls for the teams to practice prior to your games. These are to remain at the rink and not to take home. We will also provide goalie equipment for those that choose to go in net. This equipment is to be returned after every game and hung back in the goalie room just as it was found.

Below is a list of team rosters with coaches names and your first game start times. The entire schedule is available on our website. Full team and player statistics will be available after every game.

Because the season is short we will not make any trades, however if we do notice certain players to score quite frequently we may add a three goal rule per player. This will promote the child to pass more and give opportunity to other players on the team.

Lastly, if your child is in our squirt division please make sure that at least one parent is on the floor with your child while we go through the drills in our first half hour. any water breaks will take place off the floor.

We look forward to a fantastic season

Squirt (08-10) Blue
Tues April 22 - 6:15
Tues April 22 - 6:15
Tues April 22 - 6:15
Tues April 22 - 6:15
  Ethan Arbour Luke  Campbell Mac Adams Jonah Bishop
  Claire  Boushy Tyler Cederwall Sara  Burns Jackson Christie
  Ethan Cane Noah Darlington Holt Cruise Keaton Ford
  Mason  Chapler Brendan Cozens Parker Fortin Cole Johnston
  Tori  Haverlock Grayson Harris Riley  Jackson Trevor Maheu
  Wesley Janisse Keaton Lormand Noah Larmon James McArthur
  Alex McLeish Joey Mitchell Jeremiah Lesnicki Teegan Moore
  Cameron Mutchler Max Ruttan Dillon  Mills Rory Mounstephen
  Evan Mutchler Jonah Usher Lukas Moon Darcy Muegge
  Kaef Parkin Sonny Wessenger Marissa Pickett Finn Rawson
  David Simon Spencer White Talon Sears Lucas Vanderlaan
  Brawley Wilson   Brodie  Thompson Jack Viktil
Tyke (06-07) Flames
Thurs April 24 - 6:00
Thurs April 24 - 6:00
North Stars
Thurs April 24 - 7:00
Thurs April 24 - 7:00
  head coach - mike dunlop assistant - nick aversa head coach - steve pattenden head coach - jeff burns
  Job Adams Nicolas Aversa Jordan Boushy Myla Ackerman
  Nathan Baceda Nate Boate Arianna  Chandler Jack Anderson
  Trent Barron Cory Bogoros Evan Desloges Landyn Beausoleil
  Logan Cane Christopher  Carpenter Liam Farrell Nolan  Burns
  Zackary Chapler Hayden Embree Anthony  Hancock Dallas Dault
  Cameron Dunlop Matt Gaudente Will McCauley Braden Holderney
  Garrett Dunlop Jaxson Gilbert Nicholas Melo Wyatt Jinman
  Jackson Elliott Owen Latford Owen  Pattenden Evan Priest
  Torin McDonald Veronica Macfie Jamie Reid Anderson Rice
  William Muszynski Evan Mino John Rourke Jackson Saucier
  Aiden Randell Benjamin Rutledge Gavin  Usher Ryan  Shin
  Lukas VanderVecht Owen  Skibinsky Jackson Valiquette Liam Walton
Novice (04-05) Bruins
Tues April 22 - 8:15
Tues April 22 - 7:15
Tues April 22 - 7:15
Tues April 22 - 8:15
   head coach - marc duval assistant - kevin frew assistant - rob mafra head coach - justin arscott
  Will Boate Alexis Bain Nathan Anderson  Austin  Johnston
  Erica Dellamattia Aiden Burt Taylor Barron Austin Arscott
  Jonah Duval Nicholas Clark Meaghan Campbell Preston Arscott
  Sam Elliott Ashton Drake Jacob Cederwall Hayden Blinn
  Riley Everson Avery Frew Molly Fraser Logan Collingbourne
  Gavin Hopper Jaden Heittola Jesse Haverlock Christian Cooper
  Peter Jasek David Kane Desmond Laframboise Nicky Fummo
  Chad  Lafleur Alex Karasmanis Emily Liguori  Calli Hogarth
  Dominic Miller Matthew Karasmanis Tiago Mafra Johnathan Macfie
  Jacob Monk Braedon Lloyd Riley Philip Neely  Maloney
  Nathan Ramkissoon Shaelyn McBride Elias  Rakovalis Ryan Neto
  James  Sherrer Jackson Murduff Noah Sanders Gavin Penny
  Aiden Smith Carter Newton Joshua Stone Jordyn Ryder
  Logan Sousa Will rice Brendan  Thompson Aedan Sheehan
  Edwin Wolmarans Luca Turano Gavin Wilson Matthew Simon
Atom (01-03) Bruins
Thurs April 24 - 8:00
Thurs April 24 - 8:00
Thurs April 24 - 9:00
Thurs April 24 - 9:00
  head coach - gary green head coach - jason harvey assistant - john mccluskey assistant - kevin frew
  Austin Baceda Devin Cecchine Jake Allen Lukas Ackerman
  Braydon Drake Thomas Deschenes Teagan Allen Christian  Craig
  Cameron  Green Brett Harvey Liam Brooks Daniel Farrell
  Jacob Hardwick Jason Howell Brandon Demmings Zack Frew
  Joshua Hardwick Max Kida Matthew Fletcher John Jasek
  Dazeray Skinner Luke Kilgour Adam  Lewis Clark Joshua
  Emily Racco Maguire Murduff Paul Lewis Ethan  Lindsay
  Chris Sanders Emma Potter Reilly McCluskey Emilie Nadeau
  Zach Smith Kolton  Prophet Alexander Melo Justin Nadeau
  Kieran Thomson Vincent Robbenhaar Jakob Price Cole Quevillon
  Nathan Yano Dylan  Quinn Brady Saucier

Referee Training to Get Underway

A new season of Ball Hockey is quickly approaching and there is a requirement that all officials must be registered and certified in order to referee in any OBHA sanctioned league. Referee training is starting and if you want to officiate this season, now is the time to register and attend a clinic in your area. Please visit the OBHA Ref's Room for all registration information.

Ball Hockey Registration

Time is expiring on registering your son(s) or daughter(s) for a new and exciting ball hockey season!
Programs are offered for children between the ages of 4 and 17 and all games will be played out of East Bayfield Arena. 

The season begins in the third week of April and ends on the final weekend in June. Details regarding fees, number of games, etc are included on the league website.

We have ONE LAST IN PERSON REGISTRATION date available on Saturday, March 22nd at East Bayfield Arena, between 9am and 12pm.
Don't worry if you are unable to attend the in person registration date because you may continue to register online at . 

Likewise, you may choose to print the registration forms off the website and mail the forms and registration fees to the address and payee indicated. 

Days of play are as follows:
Squirt, Novice and Highschool divisions play Tuesdays. (starting April 22)
Tyke, Atom and Peewee divisions play Thursdays. (starting April 24)
All divisions may have one Wednesday game within the first three weeks of the program and the final game of the season for all divisions is on Saturday June 28

For further information contact our administration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2014 Spring Info

Hello to all the members of the Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League. First off, I would to thank Mr. Steve Rumsey for all the years of service to the sport of ball hockey at the local, Barrie Minor, provincial and national levels of competition.

Steve has been a leader within our game for the past two decades and all those who have met him are better for it.

For the returning members to the Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League, I have been with the sport for over 15 years as a player and known and worked with Steve the past five years growing the Bradford Minor and recently the Innisfil Minor program and look forward to working with the members of the Barrie Minor program.

I would like to thank each and every one of you that participated in the 2013 Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League last summer.  Now moving forward, the game staff will remain intact wherever possible based on their work, family and personal commitments and we will be using City of Barrie facilities.

The program will continue to be setup in a house league format, with individual registration and we will permit for two friends to play together.  However, we will permit team entries at the Bantam and Junior divisions.

Every participant will receive a jersey, shorts and socks an nine game season plus playoffs which conclude with our Champions Day. 

We are pleased to offer three methods of registration:

1)  Online through the web site –
2)  By mail – registration form attached to this email
3)  In person - registrations will be announced by later this week

New to the program this year will be tryouts for the Provincial Championship teams on May 25 and June 1 with information and sign up commencing week one of the spring program. 

Note: Provincial Coaches will be selected by the League Coordinators and each team will require three individuals for each team.

We look forward to seeing each of you again and with your continued support, our community can look forward to a long and successful relationship with our children playing the game of ball hockey in Barrie.

For up to date information on our program, please see attached or visit the league web site at or contact myself at 416 671 3893 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Many Kind Regards,

Steve Rumsey Moves On

To the Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League Players, Parents, Guardians Firstly, I would like to thank each and every one of you again that have participated in the 2013 Barrie Minor Ball Hockey League.

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