The South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues endeavors to ensure the continued improvement of individual playing skills and enjoyment of the game through, contributing to the individual's personal growth through the development of self-confidence, fair play, and sportsmanship, monitoring and ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of playing time, and improvement of the individual's skill base. The league believes that participation in team sports is a valuable aid in the development of individual life skills. Through the teaching of fair play, sportsmanship and respect, the league's work towards the development of socially responsible young adults. 

The South Simcoe Ball Hockey League does not allow for embarrassing the opposition by "running up the score" or any verbal abuse during games. The league believes in the worth of the individual and has set a "fair play code" to ensure that all players, regardless of skill level, are entitled to an equal opportunity to participate in all games sanctioned by the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues.